Determining Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panels are a great option for many homeowners but there are several different factors that you need to consider prior to installing panels that effect solar panel efficiency. The first thing that determines efficiency is of course placement. When you have your panels installed it is important to pay close attention to how much sun each area of your home gets at any time during the day. Rather than looking for areas that get the most sun at one time during the day, it is far better to look for an area that gets the most consistent exposure to the sun. This exposure affects efficiency.

Areas that get an immense amount of sun in small doses does not allow the panels to store up the energy that it takes to provide consistent energy later in the day when the sun is no longer up. By finding an area that gets a consistent amount of sun each day all day long you can insure that your panels have the most opportunity to save up energy in order to work better later in the day. Another thing to consider is the size of the panels that you have installed. The size and brand determines efficiency greatly and should be considered prior installation.

A solar panel is made up of cells or smaller panels that are all mounted in close proximity to one another and are wired together to store energy in one central location. If you have ten panels for example your panel efficiency is going to be much greater than say five panels because of the increased surface area that has the chance to store up energy. Rather than depending on smaller numbers of panels, buying multiple panels means that your system has a greater potential to store energy. There are any number of different factors that affect efficiency.

The brand and type of panel that you purchase also determines efficiency. Not that cheaper panels do not work as well necessarily, but some panels are made better and use more high quality materials in manufacturing which makes them better overall and works to increase efficiency. You should also consider the age of your panels. Much like car and electronic batteries, the longer you use your panels the less efficient they are going to become. Prolonged use wears them out making it harder for them to store energy and work properly. You should make sure that you monitor the age of your panels in order to be sure that they are functioning at their highest efficiency.

Still another thing that you need to worry about it proper installation, if your panels are not installed correctly they will not work to their best effect. Having a professional company come and install your panels is the best bet when it comes to proper installation but if you want to install them yourself it may be beneficial to research and study installation to make sure they are done properly. Proper installation makes all the difference. Taking the time to correctly install your panels can make the difference between cutting your energy bills drastically and having panels on your roof that do very little good overall. Your solar panel efficiency can be related to any number of issues, you just have to take the time to think about them clearly and figure out how to make them the most efficient possible.

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