Making Your Own Solar Panels: Taking Green Energy into Your Own Hands

Green energy is a pretty spectacular thing. With today’s pollution level and the threat of global warming it has never been more important to become Earth friendly. Leaving a smaller carbon footprint starts with changing one’s habits and switching traditional power to clean energy. Using solar panels is the easiest and largest difference you can make in becoming relatively free from power companies. The problem is that a complete solar panel system can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars making it hard to see any savings for years to come. Fortunately making your own solar panels is a relatively easy and inexpensive solution.

Making your own solar panels sounds very complex and technical but in actuality it really is not and it takes a short list of supplies. The materials needed are solar cells, plywood, silicone caulking, a Jones plug, super glue, screws, a diode, Plexiglas, tabbing wire, paint and a battery. Most of the supplies can be located at a home improvement center but materials like solar cells and diodes can be purchased inexpensively on websites like eBay or Amazon. The tools required are very minimal only consisting of a drill, soldering iron chop saw and table saw. A steady hand and lots of patience also go a long way in this project.

The most technical part in making your own solar panels comes with soldering each solar cell together creating series of cells. Each solar cell generates .5 volts of electricity so to achieve 18 volts a panel will have to contain 36 solar cells soldered together creating a panel. Each cell is paper thin and as brittle as glass, so take extra care when using the soldering iron as they do break very easily. Once the first few cells are finished it becomes very easy, it just takes a light hand and a bit of getting used to.

The actual process of making your own solar panels is a little time consuming but far easier than anyone would expect. Knowledge of tools with the proper safety precautions is typically the toughest part. Across the internet you find a number of do it yourself guides to aid in every step of the construction process, from the assembly of the solar panels to how to apply them into money saving features of your home. With moderate mechanical skills and some determination any homeowner will be able to construct their own solar energy system.

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