Solar Panel Batteries: A Place to Store All of the Solar Energy

Without solar panel batteries there would not be any place to store all of the energy that the solar panels have provided. This means the power would only be available when the sun is shining. Batteries allow all of the energy that the sun has naturally provided to the solar panels to be stored and used whenever best fits a home’s or business’ needs.

With the recent state of the economy and the rise in popularity of green energy, more and more homes are switching over to renewable energy as a source to provide all or a portion of the electricity needed to power a household.

Many companies are dedicated to retro fitting existing homes for solar panel energy, but the prices can be a bit steep. The initial investment is worth the money that will be saved down the road, but it might be awhile before any savings are seen. The great part about solar energy is that it is relatively easy for one family to construct their own solar panels and harness the energy of the sun to solar panel batteries that can be used at any time needed.

Solar panels can be built large or small, depending on what is being powered and how large of a task a household wants to take on. A home can start with powering outdoor lighting through solar energy and move on to larger projects when time and knowledge allows.

Solar panel batteries come in all different sizes and volts. Some common types are flooded batteries, gel and absorbed glass mat batteries. Flooded batteries are a very popular choice. They are reasonably priced and are guaranteed to last for many years to come.

Flooded batteries emit a gas when charging that is potentially explosive and should only be used outdoors or in a well-ventilated enclosure. Gel batteries are a bit more expensive, but they do not release any dangerous gas and maintain a constant temperature that aids in performance. Absorbed glass mat batteries, also called AGM batteries, are the ideal battery for a solar panel system, they also happen to be the most expensive. They are of superior quality when compared to the other choices, maintain voltage better and last longer. These batteries are often used in airplanes, hospitals and cell phone towers.

Whatever a home plans on powering with their solar panel system, having good quality solar panel batteries is a requirement. They make the solar energy accessible any time of the day or night, no matter the weather may be.

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