Solar Panels And The Environment: Choosing Clean Energy

Many people are wondering about the relationship between solar panels and the environment. As our lives become increasingly intertwined with technology, it is important to start considering our use of energy. There are some major advantages to using a solar panel over traditional means of power. It is important to learn about how these choices can change and influence the environment.

Traditional Methods of Power

In the United States as well as other countries, most of our power comes from fossil fuel. The name comes from the origin of these fuels, which are dead prehistoric organisms. Coal, oil, and natural gas are all fossil fuels that are commonly used. However, using them does have a negative impact on our environment. This comes from the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses that are produced when the fossil fuels are burned. Solar panels on the other hand, do not produce these detrimental byproducts that harm our environment.

How do these fuels harm our environment? The primary concern is global warming. The sun produces energy which hits our planet. Ideally, some of this energy should be trapped in our atmosphere and absorbed by our planet, while some of it gets reflected back into space. Unfortunately, with the carbon emissions from fossil fuels, more and more of this heat is caught in our atmosphere and absorbed by the earth.

Alternative Power with the Sun

There are other ways of collecting power. Solar panels are used to generate energy from the sun. These collect and store power, allowing a clean and emission free way to power our devices and homes. There are absolutely no carbon based emissions being produced with the use of these panels. Since sunlight is free, there is also no fuel cost to feed into the solar cells. The power will also last as long as there is sunlight. Most panels also have the capability to store extra power in batteries for when there is little sun. Additionally, they do not have moving parts or require huge amounts of space, unlike wind turbines.

These are certainly part of the solution to our energy problem. It is important to note that solar power does come with some disadvantages. It is difficult to use solar energy alone in order to power an entire home. Each panel only produces a small amount of electricity. It is also not ideal for areas that do not receive strong sunlight. However, when used with other methods to save on energy, these panels can make a huge difference. Every bit of effort to help improve our planet helps and influences the outcome of our future.

It is clear that solar panels and the environment share a positive relationship. We can choose to prolong the life and longevity of the planet by making small adjustments with our energy choices. Choosing clean power sources will allow us to maintain the technological lifestyles we love without having a negative effect on the planet. Learn about how you can make a difference by making solar panels part of your home.

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